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The Ultimate Social Media Management Course: Become A Highly Paid Social Media Manager

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Original price was: $18.94.Current price is: $7.41.

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$7.41 $18.94
$7.41 $18.94

Enroll Now! Offer May End Soon

Original price was: $18.94.Current price is: $7.41.
Students Enrolled:15

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$7.41 $18.94

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Discover The Simple Online Business Model That Nigerians Are Using To Make Over N200,000 Monthly Online…

Without Leaving Their Homes Or Getting Stuck In Traffic…


Do You Know That You Can Start Your Online Money Making Journey With Just Your Smartphone And A Data Connection?


It’s Simple, Just Render Small Services Like Social Media Management And Content Creation Services For Business Owners And Get Paid For Doing That (NOTE: This Is Not Affiliate Marketing )


Let My Students Result Do The Convincing



Also For Business Owners Looking To Make More Sales On Social Media


This Is A Simple Business Model That Nigerian Are Using To Make Over 200k Monthly From The Comfort Of Their Home Even Without Having A Laptop, Just Their Android Phone And A Data Connection


If You Don’t Believe Me Yet…

Then You Should Know And Believe These Big Names




Who Is This Training For? 


✌️Stay At Home Mums

✌️Business Owners Looking To Make More Sales Online


✌️Your Urgent 2k Sister And Friends

✌️Anybody Finding It Difficult To Create Content Online

✌️Anybody Who Wants To Make Over 250k Monthly In A Legit Way


If You Belong To Any Of These Categories Mentioned Above  And You Are Determined To Make More Money Or Get High Paying Customers For Your Business… Without Spending A Dime On Ads For A Start

Then This  For You!


Now let me explain this in a way that even a baby will understand.


What I’m about to teach you, requires you to just help busy business owners on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to post on their social media handles and you get paid for doing that.


I will teach you  how to do every damn thing.

Your only duty is to reach out to these business owners which I’m also going to show you how to go about that.


Like I said, reach out to these business owners,  offer to help them manage their social media presence and  create educational content, that’s all.

You get paid for doing that every single month


Minimum of 30k monthly and as high 150k monthly depending on the number of accounts you will be managing for them.

And to spice it up, I will also be showing you how to get foreign clients that pays you as high as $500 monthly to manage their account


In This Training Program, You Will Learn:



✅Audience Research Strategies

✅How To Create A Calendar For Your Business

✅Six Content Categories That You Can Easily Create Content From

✅How To Build Trust On Social Media With Your Content

✅How To Create Attention Grabbing Headline

✅How To Convert Your Audience To High Paying Customers

✅Secret Website For Content Ideas Generation

✅How To Create Non Plagiarized Content

✅How To Create Company’s Profile

✅5 Ways To Make Money As A Content Creator



✅How To Set Social Media Goals

✅Social Media Branding For Business Owners And Personal Brands

✅Choosing The Right Social Media Channel

✅Community Management

✅Online Reputation Management.

✅Influencer Marketing

✅Niche Marketing


Today’s Fast Action Bonuses



Skill Monetization/client acquisition video for those who intend to monetize whatever they will learn from this program: I shared 7 secret strategies you will use to get clients even as a newbie



Sales Closing video program specifically designed for you: A secret guide to marketing and closing more sales like a pro even if you have never sold anything before



A well detailed video that shows you how you can land international clients on Instagram that pays as high as $1500 per month




Sales copywriting, 31 min video that teaches you copy writing in a simplified format that even, a primary 1 student can understand and apply



Where you get to interact with others, ask questions and get other training materials and support as time goes on









Okafor Marycynthia is a Google certified  social media business consultant with over 5 years experience in the industry.

She have trained over 5000 Africans in different digital skills and have also won several awards.



So, as you can see, this is everything you need to become a highly paid social media manager in the shortest time possible.


Click the button to get your copy now at the discount price before it increase.



Good luck

Okafor Marycynthia

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What's In It For You?

  • Become A Highly Paid Social Media Manager
  • Learn How To Create The Right Content For Companies
  • Get The Secret Tools You Need
  • Get Expert Support
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Who's This For?

  • Stay At Home Mums
  • Business Owners Looking To Make More Sales Online
  • Students
  • Your Urgent 2k Sister And Friends
  • Anybody Finding It Difficult To Create Content Online
  • Anybody Who Wants To Make Over 250k Monthly In A Legit Way


  • A Computer/Smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • A Brain, LOL
  • The Zeal To Learn

Special Bonuses

  • Video Tutorials
  • Tools
  • Expert Support
  • Special Bonuses
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Course Curriculum


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enroll now! offer may end soon

enroll now! offer may end soon

  • NGN
  • USD
Original price was: $18.94.Current price is: $7.41.

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$7.41 $18.94

7-Days Money-Back Guarantee!

Course level:All Levels
Last Updated:November 23, 2022


Wait! imagine this...

After you complete this training; you now have a brand new certificate and skill you can be proud of.


You can now use this skill for clients, business owners and make good money for yourself and your loved ones if you’re like me who cares about his family.


How would life be for you by then? Happier? More Fulfilled?


That life is possible… take the course now. This is the right time.

“You can make something of your life. It just depends on your drive.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

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enroll now! Offer May End Soon
  • NGN
  • USD
Original price was: $18.94.Current price is: $7.41.

join our 100s of students

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$7.41 $18.94

7-Days Money-Back Guarantee!

countless testimonies 

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join our 100s of students

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$7.41 $18.94

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