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exciting news, feb 2023: the free basic affiliate rank has now been upgraded from 20% to 40% commission on direct sales

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recurring commissions.

2 Levels Deep.

SabiMentors is revolutionizing the e-learning industry.

Unlike any other platform, now you can GET PAID MORE HANDSOMELY for helping people acquire high income digital skills.

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📢 special update: you can now earn passive income for life for all your referrals – no more limited to 377 days, this is insane!!!

UPDATE: The Free Basic Rank Is Now 40% Per Direct Sale And 20% Recurring – It’s Time To Level Up…

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HINT: scroll down to watch the video tutorials to understand things

SabiMentors has a 2-level commission structure.

What this is means is that if you refer anybody that buys a course on SabiMentors, you get paid… and if your referrals refers anybody that buys a course, you also get paid.

You don’t work like a slave with SabiMentors, you can grow and earn money passively, not working every damn time you need money.


On other platforms, the moment you generate a sale, it’s literally over, you have to work again to get that same customer to buy again.


But on SabiMentors, if a person buys a course through your link today, you’ll still get paid when they buy any other course in the future… with no extra work on your part… BEAUTIFUL!!! Right?

affiliate ranks & commissions:

basic/free rank - 40% per sale

lifetime - 20% per Sale (recurring)

level 2 (indirect referral) - 0% per sale

premium rank - 40% per sale

lifetime - 40% per sale (recurring)

level 2 (Indirect Referral) - 10% per sale

NOTE: Premium rank can be unlocked when you buy the premium affiliate membership – Info On Your Dashboard.

level 1 - (direct referrals) 40%

get paid up to 40% commission from the purchases made by your direct referrals.

HINT: Some products pay as high as 70%

level 2 - indirect referrals - 10%

get paid 10% commission from the purchases made by your indirect referrals if you’re on the premium affiliate rank.

Commission Structure Explained:

For instance, you’re on the premium affiliate rank and your direct referral buys a course worth N100,000, you get N40,000.


And if your indirect referral buys a course worth 100,000, you get N10,000.

Isn’t this amazing? Of course, it is, you’re gonna love it.


The second level is our own unique way of revolutionizing the e-learning industry.

What this means is that you can earn from the efforts of other people, sweet, I know.


NOTE: For every direct and indirect referral you create, you get paid for all their purchase forever… that’s a lifetime of earning passive income…

This is insane, you’d agree with me, right?.


Once you create an account on SabiMentors, you can apply to automatically become an affiliate.


Login to your affiliate portal, get your link and start promoting SabiMentors, you would be glad you did when it starts paying off.


By being an affiliate of SabiMentors, you hereby expressly agree to be bound by its Affiliate Agreement.

not so fast, finish reading before becoming an affiliate

watch the affiliate tutorial videos below to understand how to do it like a boss

LAPTOP TUTORIAL: How To become a sabimentors affiliate + Tips

MOBILE TUTORIAL: How To become an Affiliate On SabiMentors + Tips

UPDATE: No More N20,000 Fee Deduction, It’s Free!

good news! promo materials are live!

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remember this...

For your direct/indirect Referrals to sabiMentors, you can get paid forever.

What this means is that… if they buy any course in the future, you’ll still get paid… just because you referred them. Work once, earn over and over again… INSANE!!!

NOTE: Creating A SabiMentors Account Gives You Access To The Affiliate Portal, They’re Linked Together. No Stress – Easy Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

got questions about Sabimentors Affiliate program? we’ve got answers

Yes, The Basic Affiliate Rank Is Free.
Sabimentors has two affiliate ranks: The Basic Rank, which is free – you earn up to 40% per direct sale, 20% on recurring lifetime commissions and 0% on level 2.


But on premium rank, you earn up to 40% per direct sale, 40% recurring lifetime commissions and 10% commission on indirect sale (level 2)


HINT: Premium rank is too sweet to ignore.

Remember, Sabimentors has two affiliate ranks: The Basic Rank, which is free – you earn up to 40% per sale.



But if you need to earn more money, you can unlock premium rank where you earn up to 40% per direct sale as well as 40% recurring lifetime commission and 10% of indirect sale.



To unlock it, you have to purchase the premium affiliate membership.


Relax, boss, SabiMentors currently remit payment biweekly, that’s every 15 days.


This is because of our strict 7-day refund policy.


Minimum payout is currently N3,000.

We pay via bank transfer for affiliates in Nigeria.


Setup your payment details in your dashboard.


If you’re in a different country, we can arrange a different payment method for you.

Contact us here

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, watch the video tutorials, get the promo materials and use them for your promotions.


PRO TIP: Pick one product and promote it for at least 90 days, don’t jump from one product to another every day, lol

Sure, SabiMentors has a 2-level commission structure, which means you can earn money from the efforts of the people you refer.


If they generate sales or make any purchase, you’ll get paid.

Direct referrals is 30-40%, depending on your affiliate rank.

Level 2 referrals is 10%.


This simply means you can grow a business with SabiMentors and even make money than SabiMentors itself.


Go hard with us or go home!

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Osazee Kelvin King
Founder: SabiMentors
Good News! You Can Now Earn Up To 50% In Affiliate Commissions. 40% Direct, 10% Indirect.