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we have two affiliate ranks: the free basic rank – where you earn up to 30% per sale and premium rank – where you earn up to 40% per sale With Extra Perks.

NOTE: You can unlock premium rank by purchasing the affilio boss system

📢 good news: you can now earn recurring income for life on the premium rank!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    got questions about Sabimentors Affiliate program? we’ve got answers

    Yes, The Basic Affiliate Rank Is Free.

    Sabimentors has two affiliate ranks: The Basic Rank, which is free – you earn up to 30% per sale.

    On premium rank, you earn up to 40-50% per sale with extra perks.

    Remember, Sabimentors has two affiliate ranks: The Basic Rank, which is free – you earn up to 20% per sale.

    But if you need to earn more money, you can unlock premium rank where you earn up to 40-50% per sale.

    To unlock it, you have to purchase the premium affiliate membership.


    Relax, boss, SabiMentors currently remit payment biweekly, that’s every 15 days.


    This is because of our strict 7-day refund policy.


    Minimum payout is currently N3,000.

    We pay via bank transfer for affiliates in Nigeria.


    Setup your payment details in your dashboard.


    If you’re in a different country, we can arrange a different payment method for you.

    Contact us here

    Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, watch the video tutorials, get the promo materials and use them for your promotions.


    PRO TIP: Pick one product and promote it for at least 90 days, don’t jump from one product to another every day, lol

    Sure, SabiMentors has a 2-level commission structure, which means you can earn money from the efforts of the people you refer.


    If they generate sales or make any purchase, you’ll get paid.

    Direct referrals is 30-40%, depending on your affiliate rank.

    Level 2 referrals is 10%.


    This simply means you can grow a business with SabiMentors and even make money than SabiMentors itself.


    Go hard with us or go home!