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Please read the instructions below to create your account/instructor account and how to get your course listed on sabiMentors.

You deserve to get paid more for your Awesome Work, Let's Do It.

Remember, mentor/instructor commission is capped at 40% at the moment, we may review this later.

Wondering why? Here’s how the commission is calculated:

Affiliates – 40-50%

Mentors: 40%

SabiMentors: 10-20%


You’d agree with me that this is very fair, 40-50% is good to motivate affiliates to promote the course, SabiMentors takes only 10-20% for providing the platform, etc.


This is like passive income to you, because you don’t have to do any further marketing in order to make sales.


Click the button below to create your account, then on your dashboard, click on “Become An Instructor”


Once done, contact me by clicking the button far below this page, I’ll approve your account.


A. Export your Elementor/Thrive Architect sales page and send to me.


B. Send me the access link to your course for review, this is the link people will see after buying the product.


Alternatively, if you don’t have a sales page created yet, upload your videos to YouTube as unlisted, or any other video hosting platform you’re using… compile the links and send to me.


PRO TIP: You can also use Google Drive to host your videos, do that and send me the link to the main folder, not individual folders.


NOTE: For YouTube, you’re to name your videos in a chronological order.

In this format:





1.How to sign up on SabiMentors
2.How to get your affiliate link

Just like that.


Then all you have to do next is proceed to list the course on SabiMentors… you can just create the title of the course(s), add a few details, I’ll finish the listing.


I’m doing the work for now, because I want to pay the price for the growth of SabiMentors…


Once the above is done, I’ll proceed and finish listing your course with you as an instructor, and I as a co-instructor.

You’ll be notified when your course has been listed.

You can track all sales on your dashboard.


Osazee Kelvin King

Founder: SabiMentors

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