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Courage Ngele’s Lucrative Ecommerce Business Course Plus Osazee Kelvin King’s Special Bonuses

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Original price was: $47.30.Current price is: $20.27.

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$20.27 $47.30
$20.27 $47.30

Enroll Now! Offer May End Soon

Original price was: $47.30.Current price is: $20.27.
Students Enrolled:1

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$20.27 $47.30

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2 Of Nigeria’s Top Online Business Coaches Swears Under Oath And Vows To Help Anybody Start A Profitable E-commerce Business In The Fastest And Best Way Possible.


If you’ve been looking for how to start a profitable ecommerce business in Nigeria, this is for you

If you’re looking for for the best ecommerce course offer in Nigeria, this is for you


No long stories, here’s how they plan to do the magic:

Coach 1: Courage Ngele


Courage has created the best selling e-commerce course in Nigeria… It teaches anybody how to start a lucrative e-commerce business from anywhere in Nigeria.

You’ll get all the knowledge you need to start in a matter of days.


Guess what? With less than 50k, you can start your own e-commerce business, wondering how?

Simple, you’ll get access to verified suppliers of different products in Nigeria, that you can partner with as a dropshipper.

All you need to do is setup your simple sales system that you’ll learn in the course, get orders, forward the details to your supplier, they deliver and you get paid your own share of the loot 😁


How simple could it get? Na we dey run am.

It’s easy, you just have to learn.

I, Osazee Kelvin King, I personally started with less than N20,000 and grew it to over 2.8 million Naira in less than 3 months, watch video proof here.


Coach 2: Osazee Kelvin King


While it’s a fact that you can succeed with just the course of Courage Ngele alone, I have to be honest with you…

You’ll still have to struggle with some hard work.

🔴Struggling to write copies
🔴Struggling with Designing sales funnels


But what if you don’t have to struggle with all that hard work?

Here’s how I plan to eliminate your struggles


1. Use My Mega 7 Figure Ecommerce Funnel Templates


With this, you no longer have to struggle to design sales funnels, you can get access to over 15 badass funnels that have sold millions of Naira worth of different products for me and my clients.

All you have to do is download, import, do a few edits and launch right away.

This alone will save you lots of money and stress.


2. Discover My Funnel Design Strategies To Design Brilliant And High Converting Sales Funnels Easily And Fast.


While I’d admit that Courage is good with e-commerce, I’d also tell you that he’s not so good with funnel design.

I’m the best funnel designer in Nigeria and your OGs know that.

Now, I have a course that will show you my strategies, with this, you’d probably never hire expensive funnel designers ever again in your life, because I’ll make funnel design so simple for you.

You’ll my strategies in my course, almost 1.5k students bought it already.


3. Personal One On One Support From Osazee Kelvin King


No doubts, Courage is a really busy person, he has a physical business he runs.

Even though there’s a support group for his course, you might not get that personal support you need.


But guess what?

Boss Kelvin will offer you that support when you need it, funnel design, Facebook ads and other technical difficulties you might encounter, he’ll help you resolve it.


As you can see already, this is the craziest offer on earth to help anybody start a profitable e-commerce business in the most stress-free and fastest way possible.


Now, How Can You Benefit From All These Special Bonuses?


Simple, just buy courage Ngele’s lucrative e-commerce business course and Osazee Kelvin King will give you his resources for free.

The course alone cost N30,000


But you get all theses special bonuses by boss Kelvin when you buy the course on Sabimentors:

  1. Any 2 of the 15 mega 7 figure e-commerce funnel templates – worth N100,000
  2. Boss Kelvin’s best selling sales funnel design course – worth N25,000
  3. Boss Kelvin’s personal support – Worth over N100,000 per year





No long stories, it’s either you’re in or out.

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What's In It For You?

  • Simple To Understand Video Training
  • Access To Killer Funnel Templates
  • Get Expert Group Support
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Who's This For?

  • People Who Are Tire Of Struggling With Ecommerce Business
  • People Who Want To Finally Succeed And Make Good Money
  • People Who Desire The Good Life


  • A Computer/Smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • A Brain, 😀
  • The Zeal To Learn

Special Bonuses

  • Get Access To Boss Kelvin's Mega 7 Figure Ecommerce Funnel Templates
  • Get Access To Boss Kelvin's Best Selling Sales Funnel Design Course
  • Get One On One Support From Boss Kelvin
  • And Lots More
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Course Curriculum


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enroll now! offer may end soon

enroll now! offer may end soon

  • NGN
  • USD
Original price was: $47.30.Current price is: $20.27.

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$20.27 $47.30

7-Days Money-Back Guarantee!

Course level:All Levels
Last Updated:February 17, 2024


Wait! imagine this...

After you complete this training; you now have a brand new certificate and skill you can be proud of.


You can now use this skill for clients, business owners and make good money for yourself and your loved ones if you’re like me who cares about his family.


How would life be for you by then? Happier? More Fulfilled?


That life is possible… take the course now. This is the right time.

“You can make something of your life. It just depends on your drive.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

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enroll now! Offer May End Soon
  • NGN
  • USD
Original price was: $47.30.Current price is: $20.27.

join our 100s of students

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$20.27 $47.30

7-Days Money-Back Guarantee!

countless testimonies 

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$20.27 $47.30

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