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Design With Staitee: The Complete Graphics Design Mastery Using Adobe Photoshop

Finally! Everything You Need To Become A Master And Badass Graphics Designer Very Fast… Without Wasting Your Time And Money Online.

You’ll Also discover my battle-tested and proven secrets to make big money from graphics design


Graphics design remain one of the world’s highest paying digital skills – there’s literally no web tool that doesn’t need graphics.

Website, software, mobile applications, social media… they all need graphics to make them come alive.

And guess what? This is where anybody from anywhere in the world can profit massively from simple graphics designs.

I’ve personally seen graphic designers charge anywhere from N100,000/$200 for just a simple logo and a few social media graphics.

Imagine you could do that, how would life be for you by then? Happier? More Fulfilled?

You can do it.


Design With Staitee: The Complete Graphics Design Mastery Using Adobe Photoshop

The Ultimate Simple To Follow Step By Step Graphics Design Online Course That Will Turn You To An Expert Graphics Designer In A Matter Of Days… Right From The Comfort Of Your Room.


Do you want to learn all the skills and techniques you need to create incredible designs Using Adobe Photoshop?

Are you intimidated by learning the rudiments of Graphic Designs using Adobe Photoshop and want to learn through practical real world projects? Then This class will be for you!

✅You will extensively learn about Photoshop tools
✅Color manipulations
✅Element of designs
✅Color theory & Psychology
✅Basics of logo designs
✅Creating flyers
✅Web banners
✅Book covers
✅Business cards
✅How to use photos in design
✅Appropriate usage of 3D Mockups design

In the cause of this program, you will learn the basic photo editing and manipulation techniques like how to cut objects out, duotones, changing color on objects, changing backgrounds of image.

And you will also learn how to create a simple logo of your own which will also be used on other designs such as Business cards, Flyers and web banners, all with your newly learned Photoshop skills as well as a book cover design project.

The section for Element of designs will open you up to understanding of the basic elements which constitutes beautiful and useable designs. In this section, you will be able to understand when to use a particular element and when not to.

Also, the Color theory & Psychology section will open up to understanding the right usage of color as pertaining to different brand niches and cultural preferences.

This course is designed to be simple and straightforward enough for new comers to design but detailed enough for everyone to get a LOT out of this course.

💪In addition to all these, I will also show you websites where you can get very high quality resources to enhance your designs, FOR FREE!


💪I have also added some HD Images, Fonts, Mockups and PNG resources to get you started.

As you can see already, this is the ultimate training you need to become an expert and badass graphics designer in the shortest possible.

Stop struggling and running around in circles if you’re serious – NO TIME!


Ecover Design Magic And Profit: Get Pro Mockups+Templates

Imagine You Could Do Simple Ecover Graphics Designs And Make From $5-$100… How Many Designs Would You Like To Do? 10, 20, 1,000? The Choice Is Yours.

You too can join the people designing professional and eye-catching eCovers for good money.


❌ You’re most likely not a graphics designer
❌ You don’t have the expensive templates and mock-ups
❌ You don’t have hours to spend designing

With this, it is sufficient for me to say your dream is dead on arrival.

But Wait! Dreams Don’t Die Here At SabiMentors.

What if I tell you that you can start designing professional and brilliant eCovers in minutes… So that you can also use the skill to make money for yourself?

Yes, I’ll give you everything you need to get started in the next few minutes:

✅ The professional and simple to follow STEP BY STEP VIDEO TRAINING

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✅ The premium and expensive MOCK-UPS AND TEMPLATES.

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✅ As well as EXPERT SUPPORT from me


🔥 Once you lay your hands on these assets, you’ll never pay an ecover designer ever again in your life…

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🔥 You can have a good paying digital skill that could change things for you.

Does this look like what you’d like to add to your fleet of skills?

If yes, my course will give you all you need.


My kindness doesn’t stop there…

Learning the skill isn’t enough, you have to be able to sell it for money.

💪 So, I’ll Show You How To Set Up And Sell Ecover Designs Online.

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💪 The 100+ PREMIUM MOCKUPS To Make Your Designs Look Expensive

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Good luck
Osazee Kelvin King
Founder: SabiMentors
P.S:Kindle book publishing is rapidly gaining grounds in Nigeria.

You can position yourself with this skill and offer the service to many book publishers in 2022 and beyond.