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As a selfish affiliate marketer that I am, I’m always looking out for only affiliate programs that would favor me the most, even more than the creator of the product, lol, I’m that selfish.

The reason is because, if you want to spend money on advertising, you have to ensure you’re getting rewarded appropriately for your work, otherwise, it’ll become difficult to continue with that affiliate program.

Even if you don’t want to spend money on advertising, you still have to ensure you get rewarded fairly for your work.

For me, I like affiliate programs with recurring commissions and pays at least 30%. Because it’s recurring, the commission should be within this range… so that the creator can stay in business, and both parties remain happy.

These were the factors I put into consideration with the SabiMentors affiliate program… and here’s why it’s the best in the entire e-learning industry right now.


1. SabiMentors Has A Two Level Commission Structure

For every paid student you directly refer to the platform, you get paid a whopping 40% on all their purchases.

And I didn’t just stop there, if those students go ahead and refer any paid student to the platform, you get paid 10% commission from their purchases.

  • This way, you have the opportunity to earn money from the efforts of other people.
  • You have the opportunity to earn money without doing anything.

This alone is enough reason for you to jump right in.

Where else have you seen such in this industry? Show me, I’ll wait.

With other affiliate programs, you don’t have room to grow beyond your direct efforts, cut that crap, bro… you deserve better.


2. SabiMentors Provides Affiliate With Training, Tools And Resources

Every smart affiliate program creator should know that in order for affiliates to be happy to work with him/her, he’s/she’s got to put in the work and provide affiliates with the resources needed to make their lives easier.

On Sabimentors, we offer this… you can get access to the promo materials on the affiliate page and inside the free affiliate training (coming soon)

And lastly, probably the most exciting part…


3. SabiMentors Pays A Lifetime Commission Of Up To 377 Days

What this means is that… for every person you refer to the platform, you’re entitled to get paid for any purchase they make within the next 377 days, that’s over a year.

That is to say, if they sign up with your affiliate link today and buy a course next year, within 377 days, you would still get paid.

This rule also applies to indirect referrals.

How cool is this?

With other affiliate programs, you have to continue hustling every day to make a sale, there’s no opportunity for you to make passive income.

I personally hate such affiliate programs, hence, the reason I’ve always hesitated to join them.


Bonus Reason: You Can Still Make Money By Just Giving Away The Free Courses On SabiMentors.

This is genius if you ask me… the reason is because people like free stuff and they most likely would go ahead for the attached paid stuff if they like the free stuff you gave them.

I’m too smart to ignore this, this alone would make affiliate marketing on Sabimentors easy for you.

You no longer have to stress yourself creating free lead magnets, we’ve already done that for you.

If anybody uses your link to get a free course and go ahead to buy a course, you would still get paid.

Did I hear you say “Wow! This Is Mad”? Yes, boss! It is mad indeed.

At this point, you don’t need anybody to tell you to jump right in, create your account, become an affiliate and start promoting.

You should take the SabiMentors Affilio Boss Super Affiliate System training program to learn killer tactics to do affiliate marketing like a boss.



Good luck with your promotions

Happy earnings

The SabiMentors Team


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