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name: osazee kelvin king

level: God-father Internet Marketer and funnel design specialist

Founder: Sabimentors

Location: Edo State

Dear ecom business owner,

You know my name already, what probably don’t already know about me is that I’m an expert and rugged funnel design specialist.

  • I’ve been designing sales funnels since 2015, and I’ve designed thousands of funnels for thousands of clients all over the world and made thousands of dollars doing that.
  • I’ve used sales funnels to sell thousands of my own digital and physical products.
  • I’ve built sales funnels for several 8 figure ecommerce business brands in Nigeria, I mean funnels that brought in massive sales.

As we speak, I know you’re probably working hard to design your next sales for a product you’ve seen and want to test with Facebook ads.


If you’re already established, you’re probably currently talking with a funnel designer that will charge you hundreds of thousands of Naira to write your sales copy and get your sales funnel up.

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my mega 7 figure ecommerce templates: Get Access To Over 13 Badass Sales Funnels That Have Sold Million Of Naira Worth Of Different Products

NOTE: they're all built with elementor For ease of use

New Exclusive Training Videos + Extras Added - Mega 7 Figure Ecom Funnel Templates (1)

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to give a few lucky people access to my mega 7 figure ecommerce funnel templates for several hot products carefully designed by me.

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Here’s why… It took me months of pains and hard work to develop the sales funnel templates, write the sales copies, create the videos, do all the hard work and all other awesome goodies provided in the training.

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frequently asked questions

you've got questions, Boss? we've got answers

I used Elementor for all the templates, the best page builder for WordPress.

Guess what? My funnel design course will even teach you how to master Elementor in a few hours or days.

Yes, I provided the premium tools you need to setup your funnels on WordPress.

I also update the tools from time to time, so that you don’t have to buy them again.

All other tools needed will be shown to you.

NEVER! I’m the sole designer and copywriter of the entire funnels, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

However, don’t use the funnels as they come, modify to suit your brand.

You can’t afford to have your funnel look just like the templates, which some lazy people will use as is.

Sure! Support is a very vital element in online learning.

I provide support for all my online courses, this one included.

Like I said already, you’ll get access to several predesigned sales funnel templates you can easily edit and use for your business.

In addition to that, you’ll also get my best selling sales funnel design course, with over 500 students so far.

It doesn’t get easier than that.

It doesn’t matter, I added a video to show you how to design high converting ad creatives using Canva (this is from my personal experience)

It doesn’t matter if you know how to write or not, I’ve written all the copies for each of the sales funnel templates.

Just import the funnels, make a few edits to the copies if you want and fire up in minutes.

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New Exclusive Training Videos + Extras Added - Mega 7 Figure Ecom Funnel Templates (1)

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